• Marlin FirearmsMarlin Firearms
    William S. Brophy

    From 1863 to the present–the company and the men who made it successful, the details of all models of rifles and the many other Marlin products.

  • Industrial OrganizationIndustrial Organization
    Oz Shy

    The book can also be used in masters' programs, and advanced graduate students will find it a convenient guide to modern industrial organization.The treatment is rigorous and comprehensive.

  • Handbook of Social CapitalHandbook of Social Capital
    Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen

    Social capital is becoming one of the most important and hotly discussed topics of today. This inter-disciplinary Handbook intends to serve as a bridge for students and scholars across the social sciences.

  • Dealing with Public Risk in Private InfrastructureDealing with Public Risk in Private Infrastructure
    Timothy Irwin

    This book examines these risks and considers how governments should respond to investors' requests for guarantees and other forms of government support.

  • British Business History 1720 1994British Business History, 1720-1994
    J. F. Wilson

    This is the first textbook that comprehensively covers the three centuries of British business history from 1720 to the present day.

  • Leveraging the New InfrastructureLeveraging the New Infrastructure
    Peter Weill, Marianne Broadbent

    Imagine thinking about your company's information technology in the same way that you think about its investment portfolio: as a bundle of assets that–when managed right–will generate revenues and savings.

  • Maintaining Utility Services for the PoorMaintaining Utility Services for the Poor

    Prior to the dissolution of the communist state, utility prices were driven by political priorities in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Utility prices were kept artificially low until the early 1990s.

  • Yali s QuestionYali’s Question
    Frederick Errington, Deborah Gewertz

    Yali's Question is the story of a remarkable physical and social creation Ramu Sugar Limited (RSL), a sugar plantation created in a remote part of Papua New Guinea.

  • M s all de la reingenier a empresarialMás allá de la reingeniería empresarial
    Patrick McHugh, Giorgio Merli, William A. Wheeler

    Este libro nos ofrece una idea singular y sugestiva y un análisis práctico delos negocios de la actualidad.

  • Strategic CapitalismStrategic Capitalism
    Kent E. Calder

    Strategic Capitalism is a book for all those interested in the formation of industrial policy, market-oriented yet public-spirited alternatives to bureaucratic guidance, and the true origins of Japan's global competitiveness.