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During Victorian era, although entertainment was seen, its forms differed according to the social class of a person. Activities carried out were different in the case of women, men and children. Popular activities for Men. Certain activities were only enjoyed by men. Some men indulged in sports activities like cockfight and rat pits while things like drinking, gambling and billiards ever all time favorite.

London's best kidult activities from an adult ball pit to immersive games, ice karting, trampolining, crazy golf and The Crystal Maze - for those who have.

London Zoo Lion Lodge. If you book on one of the adults only nights, you can be sure that you will be woken by the growling of a lion rather than the scream of a small child. During your stay, a zookeeper will take you on an evening tour of the African section so you can take a look at the hippos, meerkats and lemurs on display.

Mar 01,  · Domestic activities. Singing at home: The Drawing-room Ballad or Parlour Song. Scrapbooking and collecting scientific specimens (biology, botany, and geology) Book collecting (needed) Art collecting (needed) Embroidery and needlepoint (needed) Family reading (needed) Numismatics and Philately — collecting stamps and coins (needed).