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The Clinical Anger Scale (CAS) is an objective, valid self-report measures the psychological symptoms resumed to have relevance in the understanding and treatment of clinical anger. Twenty-one sets of statements were prepared for this purpose. In writing these groups of items, the format from one of Beck's early instruments was used to design the Clinical Anger Scale (Beck et al., ; Beck.

PDF | This chapter consists of psychometrically-oriented reviews of 16 self-report tests of anger or hostility in adults. We begin with the historic Buss–Durkee Hostility Inventory (BDHI: Buss.

My anger is so great that I stay awake 1 ² 2 hours later than usual. D. I am so intensely angry that I can't get much sleep during the night. ..A. My anger does not make me feel anymore tired than usual. B. My feelings of anger are beginning to tire me out. C. My .

Anger Management Profile (AMP) research and development began in and continues today. The proprietary AMP database ensures continued research and development. The AMP is a brief, easily administered and automated (computer scored) test that is designed for adult anger assessment. It.