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Bicycle Helmet Laws adult bicycle helmet laws in georgia

Oct 29,  · In Georgia, as in most states, a bicycle is legally a "vehicle". This classification means that general vehicular traffic law applies to the operation of a bicycle. However, the vehicular code and various regulations include many qualifications for specific classes of vehicles.

The Georgia bicycle helmet law makes it mandatory for bicyclists age 15 or younger to wear a bicyclists are required to wear a helmet that fits properly, is securely fastened, and meets national standards. While Georgia bicycle helmet law requires a helmet, children under the age of 16 cannot be fined or imprisoned for failing to comply with the law.

Bicycle safety checklist Make sure your bicycle is ready for Georgia roads. Share the Road license plates Share the Road license plates help to fund bicycle safety programs in Georgia. How to wear a helmet Learn the proper way to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Encouraging a child to wear a helmet Get your kids excited to wear helmets.

GEORGIA BICYCLE LAW ENFORCEMENT POCKET GUIDE A review of Georgia’s bicycle traffic laws to help with warnings, citations, and crash reports. 1st edition, January All citations are to the Georgia Code Bicycles are vehicles.