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Adult Briefs - Disposable, Tape Tab, Reusable Tab and Washable Briefs are designed to provide full incontinence protection while offering an easy on, easy off solution. Designed with tape tabs or hook and loop taps, briefs can be donned or doffed while standing up, laying down or sitting on a wheelchair.

Adult Briefs: Disposable Adult Briefs: Overnight Adult Briefs: Reusable Adult Briefs: Quilted Adult Briefs: Bariatric Briefs: Underwear: Bladder Control Pads & Pant Liners: Washcloths & Wipes: Urinals & Bedpans: Gloves: Odor Eliminators: Bedwetting Alarms - Enuresis: Drip Collectors: Incontinence Accessories: Bariatric Briefs.

Adult Diapers, Briefs & Incontinence Products. Welcome to Unique Wellness. A producer of the world’s most absorbent adult diaper and the best adult pull-ups! The Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear (Pull Ups) are made with NASA inspired technology making them the best adult diapers on the market%.

Bariatric adult diapers, also called plus-size briefs, are available in X-Large, 2X-Large, and 3x-Large and can fit waist sizes up to inches. Convenient tabs that can be refastened make these incontinence briefs easy to put on. The heavy absorbency ratings and high-quality materials help minimize leakage and ensure that the skin is protected.