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Jul 24,  · The key difference between adult and embryonic stem cells is that adult stem cells are multipotent while embryonic stem cells are pluripotent.. Stem cells are a category of cells with the ability to divide and develop into different types of cells in the body. They are distinguished from the normal cells since they divide and renew themselves over a longer period of betterbasket.info: Samanthi.

Jan 04,  · Adult vs embryonic stem cells: what’s the difference? There are approximately trillion cells in the human body. Most of the cells in your body have a pre-determined purpose – a liver cell starts out as a liver cell and dies as a liver cell, for betterbasket.info: Lori Allen.

The adult stem cells are derived from adult tissue, and have the ability to regenerate into all the cell types of the organ from which they originate. Embryonic Stem Cells, on the other hand, are stem cells that are derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst. Blastocyst is an early-stage of the embryo that it reaches approximately days after fertilization.

Adult stem cells are thought to be limited to differentiating into different cell types of their tissue of origin. Embryonic stem cells can be grown relatively easily in culture. Adult stem cells are rare in mature tissues, so isolating these cells from an adult tissue is challenging, and methods to expand their numbers in cell culture have not.