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Mar 21,  · For older patients, braces or dental restorations can be effective for mild misalignment, but if the crossbite is severe, the patient may need jaw surgery. Braces. Braces move the upper and lower teeth and straighten them to align the bite in the correct position. Children and adults can both benefit from braces. Palatal Expanders.

Crossbite is a dental situation in which one or more top teeth bite inside the lower teeth instead of the outside. It is a misalignment of upper teeth in relation to the lower teeth. Causes of crossbite. The exact cause of crossbite is not known but it is believed to be a genetic problem.

Aug 03,  · Dental crossbite refers to a condition where the teeth alone are displaced, while skeletal crossbite refers to a misalignment of the jaw. While both types of crossbite are treatable in adults, there is a wider range of treatment options for crossbites caused by dental misalignment alone. What Causes Crossbite?

Jan 16,  · In severe cases of crossbite in adults, where braces and expanders are not sufficient in order to fix, crossbite the lower jaw is adjusted forward, and the upper jaw is adjusted backward surgically. This helps them come in proper alignment. It is possible to fix crossbite in adults with the help of these advanced treatments.