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Developmentally Disabled Activities. Being accepted is important to everyone. Ensure job success for your students by helping them connect with and better understand the requirements of employers. EXPLORE THE SERIES. and which should be reported to a .

“Hard skills” are job-specific. “Soft skills” are essential for success in every field of employment. With the goal of empowering schools, youth programs, and families to teach high-priority soft skills – ODEP has created “Skills to Pay the Bills”.

Skills We Teach for Independence 5P3ctrum36O T+ Vocational and Job Skills. Adults on the autism spectrum and with related developmental disabilities need to be ready to seek meaningful employment. We help them get there. Whether an adult uses verbal language, gestures or a communication device, we use effective.

This curriculum for developmentally disabled adolescents and adults contains assessment conditions and performance criteria for evaluating client acquisition of a total of independent living skills in five areas. While the content of the curriculum is in an area known as independent living, it is also prevocational in as much as it covers a broad base of generalized cognitive, psychomotor.