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Provide your infant with the necessary attention and care to give her a healthy emotional start to life. The care given to a baby affects her development throughout her lifetime. Responding to babies emotional needs also ties into their physical development, so it’s especially important to give your baby the care she.

Top Ten Emotional Needs of Children and Adults Here is a list of what could be called the top 10 human emotional needs of children and adults, in alphabetical order. It is intended to be a general guide.

This month, babies start to show joy, interest, and distress through their facial expressions. They do this by moving their mouth, eyebrows, and forehead muscles in different ways. Your baby’s facial expressions reflect the emotions they are feeling in the moment, and are not intentional. Emotional expressions communicate in a universal language.

Emotional and psychological abuse in children is defined as the behaviors, speech, and actions of parents or significant figures that has a negative mental impact on children. Read on to learn Author: Elea Carey.