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Another good option is a residential care home. These places provide care to small groups of adults over age They’re also commonly known as board and care homes. You might be surprised to find these care homes in the middle of regular residential neighborhoods. They’re private homes that were converted and staffed for small group living.

Group homes for adults with autism unaffordable and inaccessible, parents say spaces in publically funded group homes for adults with developmental disabilities, but more than 6, people are Author: Graham Slaughter.

Homes range from single-family dwellings to apartment complexes and usually accommodate four to six residents. Is this care right for me? If you are an adult living with a disability who could benefit from a group living setting to help support your independence in the community, then group home services may be appropriate for you.

Jul 02,  · Group homes for mentally ill adults can be sources of support and stability. Mental illness presents numerous challenges for those living with it. There are different mental disorders, each with unique challenges; however, all mental illnesses involve significant distress and disruption in.