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All The Facts You've Ever Wondered About The Porn Industry adult industry secrets

Jul 30,  · Think you know porn? Think again! Hannah and Jason Rubin tell you 6 secrets about the porn industry you won't believe. Let us know if you know .

Aug 23,  · The Porn Industry’s Dark Secrets. By Scott Aneloski August 23, June 26th, No Comments. K shares; W ould you support a business if you knew that they abused some (but not all) of their female employees? Pornographers don’t want you to think about it, but even if some of the humiliation, degradation, and sexual violence you see.

Apr 19,  · As expected, the highest voted answer is all rosy and nice-smelling about all those "really nice girls". The really nice girls obviously didn't tell her about: 1. The constant drug usage by all performers to get through the inhuman experience of.

May 07,  · The adult film industry was once considered a very profitable, glamorous and exciting industry for both male and female performers; in the last decade many of its horrific and unchaste secrets have been leaked and has ultimately unmasked the industry’s deceiving persona.