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Research indicates that active adult involvement in children's play can increase the social level of play and have a beneficial impact on children's cognitive growth. To become appropriately involved in children's play, daycare providers and other adults need to understand how time, space, experiences, and materials affect children in play by: 9.

Adult Intervention OWI Process ELEVATE HELPS NAVIGATE THE OWI PROCESS. You have recently been convicted of operating while under the influence. Elevate’s OWI program will assist you with: Obtaining and maintaining your driving privileges. Providing awareness and education while addressing any substance use issues.

Adult Intervention Services. Right Direction Crisis Intervention's adult services staff have an overall success rate of more than 93% and have been a part of helping hundreds of adults take that first step towards recovery.

These TEACCH ® sessions provide an opportunity for adults with autism spectrum disorders to discuss matters of personal importance such as relationships with others or work. The sessions program is short-term (4 to 6 sessions) and goal-directed. It is not psychotherapy or a replacement for psychotherapy.