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Which adults need a whooping cough vaccine? All adults age 19 years and older need a one-time whooping cough booster vaccine. The whooping cough booster, called Tdap, is a combination vaccine with tetanus and diphtheria. Pregnant women need Tdap vaccine during the third trimester (between 27 and 36 weeks of every pregnancy).

Vaccine protection for pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, and diphtheria fades with time. Therefore, CDC recommends a single dose of Tdap for adults 19 or older who have not previously received a Tdap vaccine. CDC recommends adults receive a tetanus and diphtheria booster (called Td) every

Whooping cough is most contagious before the coughing starts, so the most effective way to prevent it is to get vaccinated. The whooping cough vaccine for adults (and adolescents) is called Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis). Younger children get a different formulation, called DTaP.

Pregnant women need 1 booster shot of the Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about how to protect your family from whooping cough. Who should not get whooping cough vaccines? You should not get a whooping cough vaccine if you: Have .