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Funny Dirty Adult Poem/Poetry in Urdu - Waderay Ka Special Mother Day Poem/Poetry - Kabhi Apni Maa ka A Joke for Adults - Jani Film Me Kaam Karo Gay; Funny Pathan Sms Joke - Tum HumKo 3 Laakh Rupey Do Happy New Year - I'm 1st to Wish You Happy New Yea Short Funny Poetry Urdu - Dil Ko Jalaney Se Kya Fa.

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Jun 14,  · Palat Ke Dekh Ek Bar Zalim, Tamanna Hum Bi Rakhte Hai, Husn Mana Tum Rakhti Ho To, To Jawaani Hum Bi Rakhte Hain, Agar Gehrai Tum Rakhti Ho To, Lambaai Hum Bi Rakhte Hain!