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Adult students have been a growing presence on college campuses during recent decades and there are numerous indicators that these students, often referred to as “nontraditional,” constitute a significant proportion of the undergraduate student body.

Adult Student Statistics. Adult students are termed nontraditional students by many of the organizations that track student enrollment statistics. Traditional students are generally those who enroll immediately after graduating from high school and are typically between the ages of 18 and

When you decide to head back to school as an adult learner, you may feel like you’re all alone or out of place, but recent trends and statistics show that the face of today’s college student has changed dramatically. Many students now return to school to get their degrees as adult learners.

, Digest of Education Statistics , Table Participation of employed persons, 17 years old and over, in career-related adult education during the previous 12 months, by selected characteristics of participants: , , and , Digest of Education Statistics , Table