At what Age is Someone Considered a Legal Adult in the US? - age tried as adult


At what Age is Someone Considered an Adult in the World? age tried as adult

Aug 28,  · In the US age of consent varies from state to state, so legal adult in the US is tricky, technically it's 18, but 21 to drink, and many offenders can be charged as adults in court even before they reach the age of

The age at which a minor can be tried as an adult varies by state. For some states like California, anyone over 14 years old can be tried as an adult. In other states, the individual can be as young as 13, or as old as Various factors can change the determination, especially prior juvenile criminal Ki Akhbari.

Aug 29,  · Yet, the United States also considers seven year olds as criminally responsible, and possibly able to be charged as an adult. This is rare, but not impossible. Frequently, age of criminal responsibility rests at around years old. A person may also be considered an adult if he or she is drafted or volunteers for military service.

Jan 11,  · 4/17/ State juvenile courts with delinquency jurisdiction handle cases in which juveniles are accused of acts that would be crimes if adults committed them. In 45 states, the maximum age of juvenile court jurisdiction is age Five states-- Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin--now draw the juvenile/adult line at age