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The shoulder height of a male giraffe averages about 11 feet. The height of an adult female giraffe can reach up to 14 feet and its shoulder height can be up to nine feet. A newborn giraffe, or calf, has an average height of six feet and usually male calves are slightly taller than female calves at birth.

How Tall is a Male Giraffe The average height of a male Giraffe is 5 to 6 meters i.e. to feet. The male Giraffe is taller than the female Giraffe.

The average weight range for an adult giraffe is usually somewhere within the range of 1, and 2, pounds. Straight after birth, calves already tip the scales at around pounds or so. Similarly to matters of height, female giraffes usually weight less than males.

The average height of an adult giraffe is 5 to 6 metres tall. Usually, a male giraffe reaches metres in height, although some specimins have been known to reach 6 metres.