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Following are some notes about training adults, in particular training adults who are not currently students in a formal educational environment and may not have been students for a while. While the points relate to adult training generally, here the context is training new editors of .

who learn best through touching, feeling, and experiencing that which they are trying to learn. They remember best by writing or physically manipulating the information. (Kelly, ) A variety of tools and tests are available online and in print to help individuals understand their best personal learning style. What Makes Training for Adults Work?

Mar 21,  · An employee training session may be a staff member’s first return to the classroom since high school or college days. For others, continuing education may be a regular part of their professional life. The skilled trainer must be prepared to create a learning environment conducive to both genres of students, frequently at the same time in the same session.

Home › Workforce Program › Training Resources › Solar Energy Education and Training Best Practices: Effective Adult Learning Practices. Knowing a little about how adults learn can also make you a more effective teacher. Adults learn in the same way children do but have special needs and requirements as .