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We are a small home-based breeder of Puppy Culture raised labradoodles in Southern Colorado. We breed medium and standard-sized Australian labradoodles We only breed for the enjoyment of the puppies and to further promote labradoodles that are of excellent health, conformation, and temperament.

ADULT DOGS OFFERED FOR SALE. ADULT APPLICATION. Please READ before contacting me for information concerning an adult Or older trained puppy. ADULT LABRADOODLE Standard Size Australian Labradoodle DOB 11/01/18 Multi -Generation Non Shedding. MEET THE PARENTS.

If you want to get a labradoodle, you have two basic options: 1) Buy a puppy (or adult labradoodle) from a breeder or 2) adopt a “rescued” one. I have done both and have had wonderful dogs from both sources. Having adopted two of my labradoodles from rescue organizations, labradoodle rescue is close to my heart. Why is Labradoodle Rescue.

Life in my small piece of the world is on the edge of the great plains in Northern Colorado where the grass ripples across the land like waves in the ocean. I have been blessed with a man that is nothing short of the hardest working beau you've ever met and five ingenious children. Our animals have as much personality as the people in our.