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Aviv Older Adult Services. At Career Services of JF&CS, we’re here to help. Support Services. Things most of us take for granted – food, transportation, the ability to make ends meet – are daily challenges for others. Sometimes, just a little-added assistance can make all the difference.

Career counseling is a good way for older adults to get back into the workforce. Older workers can find a new career path much easier when they work with a good career counselor who understands the challenges they betterbasket.info: Sally Painter.

Jewish Family & Career Services is dedicated to strengthening and enriching the lives of individuals, families and community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, and helping them meet the challenges of daily life. View all services. Aviv Older Adult Services. Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services. Clinical Services. Career Services.

DWD’s Adult Career Services provides education and training scholarships to income eligible adults. Participants work one-on-one with a counselor to connect with training that leads to occupations in sectors of the economy that have a high potential for sustained demand or growth in our area.