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Cross-Cultural Adult Education is an interdisciplinary degree that combines unique principles with teaching to adults (andragogy) to prepare you to teach and lead adult education programs. This major will enable you to enter creative access countries with marketable skills in the planning and implementation of adult education programs.

The cross-cultural learning and experience of adult learners can occur in many forms. One of the most dominant cross-cultural learning and experiences comes from the expatriation experience, which is the work-related adult learning (Yamazaki & Kayes, ).Author: Pi-Chi Han.

cross-cultural competence should be integrated into the structure and framework, as well as in the policies and programs, of adult education in the context of lifelong learning. Being cross-culturally competent has become more compelling for adult learners who seek higher level of competitiveness in overseas job markets, as they.

2. Analyse the impact of different cultural values, styles of learning, ways of knowing, and traditional educational processes and practices on effective teaching and learning; 3. Evaluate the implications of research into adult education and cross cultural teaching and learning for teaching across cultures Be 4.