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I had a fantastic experience working with Dark Studio. Grant and his team are polite, well organized and hard-working professionals. They give you their full attention and creativity. I am grateful for their participation and the results speak for themselves.

My Favorite Seductress inquisitive, sometimes deep and dark seeking her own truth and her own special place in the universe and using a man and his imagination to do it. "No one else can do to you what I am going to do to you tonight and they better not try or I will cut off your dick." all the time squeezing my partial erect member.

Name: DarkSeductress/ darkemptyheart. Age: Gender: female. As a writer most of my stuff is pretty dark and is usually developed around a theme, it's very rare I write pure fluff at all (The Reason Is You was an one time fluke).Not because I intend it to be, it just sort of comes out that way.

Meh, I think it's a joke. We'll never know if the Mane 6 are really that tolerant/intolerant of gays, or if they would just be bewildered altogether. No offense, but criticizing a fic for being politically incorrect is not a good criticism, either.