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Disassembly Introduction Field Strip Slide Detail Strip Frame Detail Strip Reassembly More articles Discuss this article at: Detail Strip Frame. When working on the frame, even to clean it, it's usually a good idea to engage the safety. The hammer can be dropped with the slide removed, and when that happens it's bad for the frame. Remove.

Jan 14,  · How to detail strip a Hunter and I decided to do a slower detail strip tutorial after complaints of the no-tool strip demo being a little too fast to follow. I opted to use an original/correct Black Army Colt for the honors because I thought it’d be cool to use one that old and because Hunter pissed and moaned for an hour over.

Detail Strip Slide. Detail-stripping is the only part of disassembly that requires additional tools, although a made to the original specs can be taken all the way down using just the gun itself. It's a little easier with the right equipment, though. (Most things are.) Using a punch or an old firing pin, depress the firing pin at.

Disassembling the M type of pistols is a straight forward and simple process. It requires a minimum of tools (actually before Colt's Series 80 pistols, it was possible to completely disassemble and re-assemble the pistol without ANY tools), like a pair of tweezers, a punch, etc, althought you can improvise!