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Adult Protective Services (APS) provides vulnerable adults protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation and offers services. The services help with proper medical care, self-maintenance skills, personal hygiene, adequate food, shelter and protection. Key personnel.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Sequoyah Memorial Office Building, N. Lincoln Blvd. • Oklahoma City, OK County Director Adult Protective Services. Aging Services. Child Protective Services. Adoption. Foster Care.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Adult Protective Services (APS) Public Intake Form *Indicates a required field: Does the situation present a serious risk to the victim that requires immediate action? Yes No: If you believe the alleged victim’s life is in immediate danger, please call now! If this is an urgent but non-life.

According to the law, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services administers the Adult Protective Services (APS) program. When someone is concerned about the well-being of an elderly friend, neighbor or relative, adult protective services specialists listen and respond.