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Jan 12,  · The Massachusetts Caregiver Homes Program, an Enhanced Adult Foster Care Program started in , aims to support local caregivers by paying them to care for an elderly or disabled adult at home. These caregivers, which can be friends or family members of the care recipient, are paid by MassHealth (Medicaid in Massachusetts) for the care they.

Enhanced Family Care. When an individual with disabilities needs a comfortable home she or he can share with a caring and competent individual, couple or family, The Institute can make that betterbasket.info a model often referred to as “shared living,” or “adult foster care,” we .

The Adult Foster Care Manual contains the regulations, administrative and billing instructions, and service codes for adult foster care programs. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) establishes rates for MassHealth services. See CMR MassHealth issues transmittal letters to update any part of the provider manual.

Provide the best care at home! Adult Family Care is a MassHealth funded program that provides compensation, training & paid time off for live-in caregivers.