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English as a second language classes help students improve their everyday English, get ready to attend college or learn new job skills. Classes cover reading, writing, listening and speaking the English language. There is no minimum skill level required. Classes begin .

Figure 2. Process of Selecting the English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education .. 6 Figure 3. English Language Proficiency Standard 1 and Level 1– 5 Descriptors Figure 4. View One of the English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education With.

Adult Education prepares students for college and careers through many different types of classes. Whether you’re here to get a better job, earn more money at work, learn English, go to college, or finish your high school diploma, Adult Education is here to make it possible. Adult Education is committed to student success.

English as a second language, ESL, adult education, PA, resources. Learners’ Lives as Curriculum© is a model connecting professional development with materials development, in which practitioners develop materials for learners in their programs based on learners’ needs and experiences.