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When you're all out of ideas, turn to Findgift. There are a huge amount of gift ideas for all types of young adults, from electronics for that boy who loves technology, to gift certificates for that girl who loves to shop. Get him computer gear, or get her jewelry. Discover gadgets, gift certificates, and more.

Jun 20,  · We've created a holiday gift guide that will help you find the perfect gift for every young adult on your Christmas gift list. and a GoPro that can record in 4K is an excellent gift idea.

What young men really need is a crash course in how to use a map, compass, and the stars for navigation—just in case the grid goes down. But you can leave all that to the doomsday preppers, and in the meantime, buy this GPS for the young man so he never gets lost. And better yet, he’ll never have to ask for directions. Prices Vary.

In the annals of family gift-giving, I recently hit a home run: 7 More Great Gift Ideas for Your Adult Kids. But you’ll score more points giving the parents of young children baby-sitting chits for your services: written notes promising anything from a weekend baby-sit so the couple can get away to a dozen evenings of sitting in the Author: Next Avenue.