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On the skin. Hemangiomas of the skin develop when there is an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels in one area of the body. Experts aren’t sure why blood vessels group together like this, but Author: April Kahn.

A cherry hemangioma is a small non-cancerous, red-purple bump on the skin that is typically seen in older adults. It is formed from an overgrowth of small veins. Who's at risk? Cherry hemangiomas are found in individuals of all races and ethnic backgrounds. They occur more frequently with increasing age. Signs and Symptoms.

Sep 26,  · Hemangiomas are usually small, but they can grow to be quite large. They normally begin as small spots or red patches on the skin that form during the first 2 or 3 weeks of life. Hemangiomas in Author: April Kahn.

Hemangiomas in muscle tissue can develop at any age, but most often occur in young adults. Capillary hemangiomas are more common in muscle than cavernous and compound types. Any muscle can be involved. Because they are located within the muscle, these hemangiomas often show no visible signs, although some may cause swelling in the area of the.