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Mar 06,  · Other symptoms of a blocked tear duct can include: redness and irritation of the affected eye. mucus or discharge coming from the eye. crust forming on the eyelids. eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, or pink eye. blurred vision. pain and swelling of the inside corner of the James Roland.

What Causes Infected Tear Ducts? In adults, infection sets in when the tear duct is blocked, sometimes as a result of the natural growth pattern of surrounding bones. Their growth may narrow the tear ducts, causing a blockage, which allows bacteria to collect and gradually grow.

Symptoms of Blocked Tear Duct in Adult. The symptoms of blocked tear duct in adults usually get worse with exposure to cold atmosphere, wind, strong sunlight, or with respiratory tract infections such as sinus problem. As for blocked tear duct, adults may experience the following symptoms: Frequent tearing; Recurrent onset of inflammation in the eyes.

Sep 27,  · Signs and symptoms to identify a blocked tear duct in adults caused by any infections are: Superfluous watering of eyes. Recurrence of conjunctivitis. Persistent eye diseases. Inflammation near the extreme sides of the eye. Discharge of pus or mucus from the eyelids of the eye. Blurred betterbasket.infotion: MD,FFARCSI.