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Feb 08,  · "Baby food is lacking adequate amounts of fiber, fat, and protein to sustain a healthy adult. This puréed, and often strained, food is created for babies with underdeveloped digestive systems," says Cooking Light assistant nutrition editor Jamie Vespa, MS, RD.

The Baby Food Diet is a fad diet that may help you lose weight for the short term. Substituting several jars of baby food for standard meals will likely lower the amount of calories you eat by Author: Marianne Wait.

When done properly, baby food is healthy for adults — three reasons to consider this new trend. For those who are currently immersed in the world of baby food and take their health seriously, many will report eating portion-controlled snacks (instead of baby food). After all, baby food is essentially just pureed, plant-based Krista Hillis.

Jul 25,  · The baby food diet centers around the idea of eating small jars of baby food as a way to control caloric intake. Some people eat a few jars of baby food each day as low-calorie snacks, and others use baby food (up to 14 jars of it!) to replace two meals per day.