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Virgin River chub (Gila seminuda) Federally listed endangered species Size: 18 " ( cm) Rare and beautiful, this fish is the top native predator in the Virgin River. Chub are a fast streamlined fish with a sloped forehead, humped back, and thin rounded tail. The Virgin River chub feeds on small fish, insects, and plant Colorado River.

The Virgin River Program was created to recover, enhance, and protect the Virgin River and its inhabitants. For all who depend on this precious resource, the program mainly concentrates on people, wildlife and the Virgin River. Visit our website to learn about the broad scope our program offers.

Virgin River - Lake Mead Canoe Trip March , By Thomas J. Elpel, Kris Reed, and Donny Elpel. I don't normally spring for expensive meals, but I thought the $74 carp was worth every penny of it.

The Virgin River forms as several forks in Kane and Washington Counties of far southwestern Utah in and around Zion National Park, then converge into the mainstream that flows down into Arizona in far northwestern Mohave County before flowing under IH 15, into Nevada and to its end at Lake Mead.