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chapterbib multiple bibliographies in LATEX Donald Arseneau [email protected] /09/05 Chapterbib is copyright c { by Niel Kempson and Donald Arseneau. The package ( and this documentation (, may be freely transmitted, reproduced, or .

I have read the documentation but I need a complete syntax for using chapterbib for global and chapterwise bibliography (not sectionwise). It's very confusing at different posts and it does not work for me. It will be a great help if someone can tell me the complete .

chapterbib – Multiple bibliographies in a document The package allows a bibliography per \include d file, or per unit defined by its cbunit or \cbinput directives. A package option is provided to force all these bibliographies to be in \section s (rather than \chapter s, as would normally happen in book- .

I'm trying to write a book with references in each chapter and I would like to use chapterbib and natbib packages. I can't really understand how to make things work. My book is organized as follows: which contains all the packages, commands etc that I use in my document (among the others: \usepackage{natbib}, \usepackage{chapterbib}).