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Nov 23,  · Directed by Philippe de Broca. With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset, Vittorio Caprioli, Hans Meyer. Francois Merlin is an espionnage-book writer. He likes to mix every-day character he can met in his book. In his book, he is Bob Saint Clar, his neighbour Christine appears as Tatiana and his editor Georges Charon as Colonel Karpoff/10(4K).

Apr 26,  · Directed by Emmanuel Silvestre, Thibault Staib. With Michel Vuillermoz, Isabelle Candelier, Patrick Ligardes, Jean-Luc Porraz/10(1).

Le Magnifique (literally The Magnificent; also known as The Man from Acapulco) is a French movie released in , starring Jacqueline Bisset and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Le Magnifique is a slapstick spoof of B-series espionage movies and betterbasket.info by: Claude Bolling.

Oct 12,  · Jean-Paul Belmondo is LE MAGNIFIQUE. I watched a lot, maybe even most of his movies. His carrier span over decades. Not all of his movies are great but he gave them all his great talent and made them better just being there. Enjoy Le Magnifique - the movie and the actor. Do yourself a BIG favor - don't read other reviews/5(17).