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Paying for Adult Diapers and Incontinence Supplies limited income adult diapers

Nov 28,  · For seniors on limited income, adult incontinence supplies can be a luxury item. Diaper Bank of NC distributes this basic need through our partner organizations.

The total cost for adult diapers are tax deductible. Learn more about medical expense deductions here. 4) Shop online. Purchasing in bulk online can reduce the cost by as much as 50%, or even 80% over purchasing in a local pharmacy or grocery store. Furthermore, products can be shipped free of charge and in discreet packaging.

May 23,  · So while it may be difficult to come up with a permanent solution when looking for free diapers for seniors, it is entirely possible to find samples from multiple companies where you can get free incontinence products such as free adult diaper samples. You Need To Buy The Diapers.

Jul 06,  · Diapers are not a luxury item, they are a basic need low-income families are struggling with. This is a silent crisis with many parents and caregivers who often will find themselves trying to decide whether they should pay for rent, food or diapers.