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The Yellow "M" ("La Marque Jaune") is the most famous comic book album in the Belgian series Blake and's considered to be a masterpiece and its album cover alone has become so iconic that it has been spoofed countless times. On the album cover we see Blake and Mortimer standing close together in front of a huge brick wall where a big yellow letter "M" is sprayed on the bricks.

Little Audrey (full name: Audrey Smith) is a fictional character, appearing in early 20th century folklore prior to her appropriation as the star in a series of Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios cartoons from to She is considered a variation of the better-known Little Lulu, devised after Paramount decided not to renew the license on the comic strip character created by Marjorie Created by: Seymour Kneitel, Bill Tytla (design).

The Betty Boop comic strip by Bud Counihan (assisted by Fleischer staffer Hal Seeger) was distributed by King Features Syndicate from July 23, to November 28, From November 19, to January 31, , a revival strip with Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and Felix, was produced by Mort Walker's sons Brian, Neal, Greg, and betterbasket.infod by: Max Fleischer, with Grim Natwick et al.