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The study findings apply only to older adults — age 45+. For children, milk is still a great source of calcium during bone building years. Adults need between 1, and 1, mg of calcium a day: If you currently consume 3+cups of milk per day, consider moderating your milk intake.

If you're an adult, you don't need to drink any milk to keep your bones strong. While you do need calcium, vitamin D and other minerals to help maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis, you can meet these needs with other foods or dietary supplements. If you like milk, however, several glasses.

Fact: Milk is for babies and children. If you are an adult—i.e., not a baby or child—you should not be drinking milk. Look, I'm not a dairy dictator. I understand that, occasionally, adults Author: Kara Brown.

Which Type Of Milk Is Best? Which Type of Milk Is Best? Our expert explains the differences between types of milk, and how to choose the right one for your family. Q. Is there a difference in milk: skim, 2%, and whole? Our daughters are not overweight and one is 17 and one is Is there some reason we should not all be drinking skim?