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Mitochondrial Disease in Adults. As varied as in children, more complicated to diagnosis because adults have acquired other diseases through the years. Mitochondrial diseases tend not to present as catastrophic events. Childhood onset mitochondrial diseases .

Mitochondrial disorders can affect people of all ages, from newborns to adults. Until fairly recently, scientists knew how mitochondria worked, but did not know how people were affected when mitochondria did not work. It is now believed that mitochondrial disorders may be playing a role in diseases whose cause was previously unknown.

Adult-onset mitochondrial disease often presents in more subtle ways. The disease may manifest for the first time in adulthood or may be first recognized in adulthood after a history of symptoms dating back to childhood. Adult-onset mitochondrial disease is typically a progressive multisystem disorder.

Nov 26,  · In the north of England, 23% of adults with mitochondrial disease had known or presumed nuclear genetic causes for their mitochondrial disease, with the most prevalent being mutations in SPG7 (Pfeffer et al, ), closely followed by PEO1 and OPA1 (Yu‐Wai‐Man et al, a; Gorman et al, c).Cited by: