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Moving to a New Home with a Cat most cats must move on to a new location. Making the transition as stress-free as possible for your feline companion can have big benefits, including reducing the risk of fear-based house soiling, excessive meowing and crying, hiding, escape attempts and aggression. Moving a cat to a new house involves three.

Apr 30,  · The one thing you can rely on is that cats will generally stay around their new location as long as there’s food to be had and there isn’t any more competition for it than there was before. That goes for moving the tamer variety outdoor kitty, too.

Feed your cat as normal but ensure the mealtime is at least three hours before traveling; Transport your cat in a safe container, i.e., a cat basket or carrier; Spray the inside of the cat carrier with synthetic feline facial pheromones (ask your veterinarian) an hour before you place your cat inside.

Feb 23,  · Moving into a new house is a stressful event. Packing, moving furniture, unpacking and, of course, getting used to a new neighbourhood. If you have pets, you're not the only one who has to adjust to new surroundings. Moving into a new environment can be Reviews: