Clean and Healthy DIY Facial Moisturizer - natural facial moisturizer recipe


All Natural Homemade Face Moisturizer Recipes That Work natural facial moisturizer recipe

Apr 07,  · Your face is one of your most important features. Keeping your face and skin clean and moisturized is important for healthy, glowing skin. I have found the best Author: Amy.

May 23,  · I use coconut for moisturizer.. add sea salt with coconut for facial and body betterbasket.infot oil for hair and baking soda to wash my hair brings back natural oils I use coconut oil for sea salt and peroxide and water to rinse betterbasket.infot oil in bath cures skin problems like apply directly to up acne eat 2 tbsp coconut oil a day for thyroid.

Skin care recipes. Honey, Coconut oil & Lemon juice homemade face moisturizer A homemade facial moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Honey is a natural humectant which means it attracts moisture and keeps it where it belongs: under your skin.

This post may contain affiliate links. This homemade face moisturizer cream is great for keeping that youthful look we all long for! Earlier this week, I went to the mall in search of a new “miracle” anti-aging cream my sister was raving over. Of course, she bought it at a pricey department Author: Katie Vance.