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Oct 20,  · Of the million adults over the age of 15 estimated to be illiterate, million were women, the World’s Women report found. Women made up more than half the illiterate Author: Liz Ford.

Jul 22,  · U.S. Illiteracy Statistics Data Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read (below a basic level) 14 % Number of U.S. adults who can’t read 32,, Percent of prison inmates who.

Frighteningly, many adults when surveyed state that they are financially literate, yet are unable to solve simple finance problems, showing that many suffer from a false sense of security. Although the level varies between countries, between 30% and 50% of adults are financially illiterate, and is a strong predictor of future poverty.

43% of adults at the lowest level of literacy lived below the poverty line, as opposed to 4% of those with the highest levels of literacy. Prevalence [ edit ] In the United States, according to Business magazine, an estimated 15 million functionally illiterate adults held jobs at the beginning of the 21st century.