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Would you like to design unique invitations? We offer the wording for your DIY invitations- little rhyming poems for many occasions such as wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday or any other party. Your funny invitation cards with rhyming lines will make a big impression.

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Dec 06,  · But never fret. I've got some quick tips and examples of wedding invitation wording that feels like your favorite old t-shirt — but, you know, a little fancier. Here are our tips Keep it basic. Your best bet with wedding invitation wording is to just stay basic — not necessarily formal, but simple and easy to understand.

Aug 10,  · Evoke thrills and chills with these scary Halloween party ideas for adults, covering scary Halloween party invitations, decorations, activities, and more. Scary Halloween Party Invitation Ideas. Poetic, Gothic Halloween Party Invitations. The wording is poetic and pleasing to the ear, the fonts are complex and elegant, and the palette.