QED AP3 Remediation Pump - qed bottom loading pump


QED AP4+ OPERATION MANUAL Pdf Download. qed bottom loading pump

QED Environmental Systems is a leading manufacturer of air-powered environmental pumps for Ground Water Remediation, Ground Water Sampling, and Landfill Leachate & Methane Condensate pumping since QED offers groundwater sampling pumps, remediation and cleanup pumps, LNAPL skimmers, Leachate pumps, air strippers for VOC removal and remote data collection systems.

QED’s Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connectors for affordable, quick connection and removal of the pump from its tubing set, built to function easily even under high solids well conditions. These are now available pre-installed to pump and tubing so pump system installation just snaps together.

Water Pump QED AP4 Ultra Operation Manual. Atex version (43 pages) Remove the bolt at the bottom of the pump which holds the inlet screen in place (bottom loading pumps only). 2. Remove the three bolts at the bottom of the pump which hold the inlet in place. (See Figures 6,7,8,and 9) 3.

AP4+ Pump. The AP4+ Top Inlet Short, AP4+ Low Drawdown Top Inlet, AP4+ Bottom Inlet Short and AP4+ Low Drawdown Bottom Inlet AutoPump provide maximum capabilities and flow in a pump for 4” (mm) diameter and larger wells and the need for an elevated inlet, such as pumping total fluids from wells contaminated with LNAPLs.