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The Amazing Life Cycle of the Most Feared and Dangerous Sharks sharks adult info board

Sharks have been the most feared and wild marine creatures. These animals have been prowling in the oceans for around million years and have evolved into different species. Sharks are known to live for many years. So, let's read through the article and know all about the lives of different varieties of Amruta Gaikwad.

Each shark species has its own expected life span and it is difficult to set an average for sharks as a whole. However, very broadly speaking, most sharks live for between 20 and 30 years. The Spiny Dogfish lives for over a century, and some Whale Sharks have been known to do the Amelia Meyer.

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May 24,  · Adult sharks vary in size and weight because there are over different shark species. The largest types of sharks, the whale shark, can reach almost 40 feet in length while the smallest shark, the dwarf shark, is only 10 inches long.