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Katy gets a pregnant workout at the gym. Can Larya avoid getting fucked into a good, hypnotized slut? The predictable happens. Can he survive two nights with the Succubus? I am Tenebris, a succubus and that makes you my new slave. and other exciting erotic at!

Feb 02,  · Anna sat there waiting, her foot quivering with eager tension. She was the next person to try a whirl at the Transformation Pod, an egg-shaped machine that could take a person and change them into any thing possible, even inanimate objects. But that wasn't what Anna was here for. Truth be told Anna didn't know why she was here.

Nov 23,  · This clip portrays the image of the female demon Succubus, interpreted by Soto Silva, descending upon a man while he sleeps. In folklore traced back to .

Extensive wolf anthro transformation file and some files which assume the resultant transformation in their fantasy details. This set was created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis project. The set of three archives contains numerous small files which can be looped or placed on a playlist of your own making, plus complete fantasies. Length: Pretty.