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Wife instigates a reality check with a thrashing and pegging. A spanking model learns how to please A naive new nurse learns the rules. Two English women spanked. Retraining of under performing staff continues. and other exciting erotic at!

Content tagged with Tawse. Three naked husbands in female led relationships pay the price with their bare bottoms when their partners lose in a regularly played all-girl poker game.

Debbie's Tawse - FM Spanking Story 'THWAAACK!' 'WHAACKKK!' 'CRAAAACKK!' I am a lifelong spanking enthusiast who especially enjoys the romantic and erotic aspects of spanking between consenting adults. If you are a fellow spanking enthusiast who would like to chat or exchange views on adult spanking you can email me or make a comment on Author: Glenmoretales.

Feb 02,  · Home · Spanking Stories · Sophie and her mother - Part 2 Tags: spanking, tawse, masturbation, lesbian. When Sophie was at school it seemed quite natural to have her mother discipline her but now that she was an adult and a school teacher she felt a bit uneasy. Celia Dupree on the other hand was not at all fazed by the events of the 5/5(11).