10 Reasons Why Penn State Is Better Than Michigan - ten reasons why penn state sucks


Top 10 Reasons Why PA Blows a Big One ten reasons why penn state sucks

Other reasons Penn State sucks: 1. Administration trying to take away St Paddy’s by paying bars to close betterbasket.info sidewalks that are never salted and classes that are never canceled even when there is a blizzard.

Feb 08,  · Although benefits would derive from this, such as the deaths of Hillary Clinton, the Yankees, and well, New Jersey, our very motto hints to the point that Pennsylvania provides no benefits other than some hypothetical impossibility. It was tough to cut down 3, reasons why Pennsylvania sucks down to 10, but I've finally done it.

Mar 07,  · 10 Reasons why Penn State is Better Than Michigan. I’m sure all you dedicated Penn Staters proudly know and say the slogan “It’s ___ o’clock and Michigan still sucks”.

Oct 26,  · They're about finding lots of reasons to hate, even if we have to dig into the superficial. WHY YOU SHOULD HATE PENN STATE. no other school in the Big Ten has caused Ohio State more Author: Matt Brown.