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The neocortex is the most developed in its organisation and number of layers, of the cerebral tissues. The neocortex consists of the grey matter, or neuronal cell bodies and unmyelinated fibers, surrounding the deeper white matter (myelinated axons) in the cerebrum. MeSH: D

Oct 15,  · The traditional view of the adult primate neocortex is that it is structurally stable and that neurogenesis and synapse formation occur only during development (1, 2).Yet structural plasticity in adult brains is found both among lower vertebrates and in phylogenetically older mammalian structures such as the olfactory bulb and hippocampus (4, 5), even in primates (6, 7).Cited by:

Jan 31,  · We labeled newly born cells in adult rats with the S-phase marker bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) and used neuronal markers to characterize new cells at different time points after cell division. In the neocortex and striatum, we found BrdU-labeled cells that expressed each of Cited by:

Jan 31,  · Neurogenesis in the adult neocortex was reported many years ago using tritiated thymidine combined with light microscopy or electron microscopy to show that the newborn cells had axon hillocks/initial segments as well as somatic and dendritic synapses (Altman, ; Kaplan, ).Cited by: