What Triggers Green Discharge during Pregnancy? - thick green vaginal discharge pregnant


Yellow, Green And Pink Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy And Why They Happen thick green vaginal discharge pregnant

If the green discharge appeared during pregnancy, it may be a symptom of the body failure. Often pregnant women are prone to vaginal dysbiosis that manifests itself in greenish discharge with a fishy smell, similar to flaking films.

Apr 15,  · Green vaginal discharge is an abnormal green-coloured secretion which is often caused by the body's inflammatory response to an infection. When pathogens enter the genital tract, they reproduce causing the normal clear or whitish vaginal fluid to become heavy and take on a yellow, yellow-green or green color.

Jan 31,  · Additionally, it assists in reducing itching, and the various other symptoms that are associated with a vaginal discharge. Even though a majority of these home remedies are effective and safe for use to get rid of a green vaginal discharge, it is recommended that you consult a physician before using any of them, especially if you are pregnant.

Here is a complete guide to pregnancy discharge: Find out the causes of abnormal discharge during pregnancy, and what is means if you have white, yellow, pink, brown or green discharge. Also learn about vaginal discharge during the first, second and third trimester.