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Caring for the coat of your Tibetan Terrier requires some time, and occasionally your patience and resolve. It can be easy if you keep your TT cut short. This can either be a total shave down or a cute looking "puppy-clip". Shaving down your TT is the easiest way of maintaining the care required to keep him clean and fit.

The good-natured Tibetan Terrier is lively and playful, yet also calm and low-key. He is a moderate dog in all respects and can adapt to any home, city or country, so long as he is given brisk daily walks and occasional romps in a safe enclosed area.

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-size breed of dog that originated in Tibet. Despite its name, it is not a member of the terrier group. The breed was given its English name by European travelers due to its resemblance to known terrier betterbasket.info: Tibet.

The Tibetan Terrier is good for allergy sufferers when its coat is kept very well groomed. Origin. This is an ancient breed that has contributed to the development of all other Tibetan breeds, including the Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and the Tibetan Spaniel. The Tibetan Terrier is not actually a terrier at all.