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Feb 14,  · 3 Yr old complaining of Burning in Vagina. Vanity February 6th, My 3 year old daughter has been crying out in pain, stating that her vagina burns when she urinates, she has also been walking around crying saying that it hurts. Did you find this post helpful?

Aug 17,  · There are several common causes of vaginal itching, burning, and irritation, including: Bacterial vaginosis. It's normal to have a healthy mix of bacteria in the vagina. But the wrong bacteria.

May 22,  · Women of all ages suffer from vaginal itching from time to time. Itching, burning or irritation in a sensitive area like the vagina and vulva can be very uncomfortable. Some common causes of itching, burning and irritation in and around the vaginal area are bacterial or yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), menopause and chemical [ ].

Vaginal Ithcing or Irritation Symptom Definition Genital area pain, burning or itching No pain or burning with urination, no vaginal discharge (Main cause of irrirtation in young girls is a soap irritation of the vulva or outer vagina (soap vulvitis) from bubble bath, shampoo or other soap) See More Appropriate Topic If pain or burning with urination, .